Eva Not Giving It Up Until Her Wedding Night



From The Boston Globe

(BANG) - Eva Longoria will not have sex until her wedding night.

The 'Desperate Housewives' actress has imposed a 'no-sex' policy on her fiancé Tony Parker until the couple exchange vows in July. Eva implemented the ban to help basketball star Tony reach the NBA play-offs with the San Antonio Spurs.

She told US chat show host Jimmy Kimmel: "Luckily, we're getting married after the play-offs and then we need to consummate the marriage. I scheduled it that way." The sex ban seems to be helping Tony's performance on the court - his team beat the Phoenix Suns on Sunday (May 6, 2007). Eva, 32, also dismissed rumours the couple chose to marry in Paris on July 7 because it is considered to be a lucky date.

YourTango’s Take
The main question is why, why, why, why do people insist on making these crazy abstinence pacts? Eva Longoria has been very candid (bordering on lewd) in her description of her sex life. Tony Parker is a Frenchman (that he is a black Frenchman named Tony Parker is hilarious, but let’s move on), and so he has to cringe a little every time that Eva talks about their relationship publicly. His teammates may be professionals and they may be his friends, but he has to take a ton of ribbing from those guys. Their wedding is not for another two months, if the Spurs run the table and win a championship, their season will end a few weeks before that time. Look for Tony Parker to play like a man possessed in the mean time. Hopefully, he won’t punch teammate Tim Duncan for being so boring. There is precedence of athletes abstaining for the sake of performance. Boxer Oscar De La Hoya abstains during training and basket baller AC Green was an avowed virgin. And there seems to be precedence in abstaining from sex in the run-up to a wedding. Though some of those cases likely involve one party being stressed out about the forthcoming nuptials or pregnant.

Longoria mentioned that they have not picked 07/07/07 as a wedding date for luck reasons, just a scheduling coincidence. Check out our dish from March 15th on people who have chosen that date intentionally.

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