Acupuncture Advised To Ease Pregnancy Pain

Acupuncture Advised To Ease Pregnancy Pain


From Kiddicare News

Women suffering from muscle pain towards the end of their pregnancy are being advised to look to acupuncture, after the results of a recent report found it could be the most effective way of reducing pain.

A common complaint in expectant mothers, back or pelvic muscle pain affects many but the treatments can be hit and miss.

An American study however, has found that a mixture of gentle stretching and perhaps acupuncture may be more effective in relieving pain than traditional pain relief methods which include pain killers or more strenuous exercise.

The study, which looked at almost 1,500 pregnant women from Sweden, Iran, Brazil, Thailand and Australia found that those who participated in the suggested exercises reported a reduction in pain levels.

Tango’s Take Acupuncture is just like acupressure but with needles. This is a good thing. Some women gain upwards of 40 lbs, mostly in their belly, so discomfort is sure to follow. Pregnancy pain can be fairly unbearable and the ‘do-gooders’ in the medical industry frown upon heavy medication (self-prescribed or not) and alcohol use. A natural solution is just what the doctor (or shaman) ordered. So in with yoga, pilates and needle therapy and out with jogging, Vicodin and needle drugs.

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