Oral Sex Spreads HPV & May Lead To Throat Cancer


From Bloomberg News
By Michelle Fay Cortez

The virus that causes cervical cancer may be linked to throat cancer in those who engage in oral sex, a report says.

A study in 300 adults found that those infected with the human papillomavirus, or HPV, who had oral sex with more than six partners, were 3 times more likely to get throat cancer. The research was included in a package of studies and commentary on the virus reported in today’s New England Journal of Medicine.

The throat cancer study did not explore whether Gardasil, the Merck & Co. HPV vaccine approved by U.S. regulators in June, would be protective against oral infections. Nonetheless, the findings could spur new debate over whether it should be more widely prescribed, since oral HPV infection occurs in both men and women who engaged in this type of sex.

YourTango’s Take
The HPV vaccine has gotten a lot of publicity since it cleared FDA trials last June. Now some states and municipalities are considering legislative measures to make the vaccine mandatory and this is raising a major ruckus among groups that consider abstinence the only solution to stopping the spread of STDs, others assumed that oral sex was the one way to stay safe while getting it on. Guess again Colonel Angus and Phil A Shio! Abstaining from all sexual contact seems to be the way to go. Unfortunately, this is not a realistic solution. Our bet is that this is going to ignite a minor panic and we’ll see girls, boys, women and men lining up for Gardasil. Sexual responsibility is not getting any easier, but at least there is a wide array of computer porn close at…um…hand these days.

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