Girlfriend Questioned Eddie Murphy Over Mel B Romance

Girlfriend Questioned Eddie Murphy Over Mel B Romance



Eddie Murphy's romance with TV executive Tracey Edmonds suffered its first big test over Christmas when his ex, Spice Girl Melanie Brown almost came between them. Edmonds, the former wife of producer Kenneth 'Babyface' Edmonds, was taken aback by the pop star's outrage when she heard Murphy was dating again - and started thinking that romance hadn't ended months before, as she had been told.

So she challenged the actor because she was concerned he was still seeing Brown when their romance began at the end of last year.

She explains, "I think, for any female, hearing that kind of stuff is just like... That hits you for a second. Then you go, 'You're not talking to Mel B are you?' You have the natural female reaction where I'm like, 'You guys had already broken up for quite a few months, so why is she so devastated?'
Tango’s Take This is our second shout out to potential of a Murphy Brown baby (maybe Dan Quayle will provide this single mother with a stuffed elephant, buh-dum-pah). Now Eddie’s current girlfriend is getting involved. Clearly, she is very uncomfortable with this whole situation. This is a sensitive issue that we would like to categorize under “Baby Mama Drama,” similar to K-Fed having a baby (and one on deck with his ex-girlfriend) when he started going out with Britney Spears. It feels like an alternate universe now that K-Fed is doing the right thing and Eddie Murphy may be in the wrong. A paternity test will have to be our arbiter in this case.

In other Murphy news, Brittany Murphy got married. We didn’t recognize the guy’s name so we were hoping that she was not caught-up in another romantic interest co-star (Eminem, Ashton Kutcher, et al). It turns out that current husband Simon Monjack is the screenwriter of her film in production, The White Hotel. At least her on-set romance has switched from actors to writers—maybe they’re less temperamental, maybe.

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