Luke Wilson's Brother Blames Him For His Divorce

Luke Wilson's Brother Blames Him For His Divorce


Movie star Luke Wilson's brother Andrew has blamed his sibling in part for ruining his marriage. Andrew claims the actor outstayed his welcome in his home years ago when he was struggling in school—and his wife quickly grew tired of the unwelcome guest.

The older Wilson, who co-directed new movie The Wendell Baker Story with brother Luke, recalls, "I was living in Dallas with my wife at the time and Luke was supposed to be going to college in Fort Worth. One day Luke was asleep on the couch when I came home. The window was open and it was a second story apartment and there was a ladder leaned up against the house and he climbed in the window."

Tango’s Take Are they sure that they got the right Wilson brother? Doesn’t this seem more like something that Owen Wilson would have done? More specifically, doesn’t this sound like the plot to an Owen Wilson movie called You, Me and Dupree? This brings a couple of tricky questions: When is a welcome worn out and how do you evict family? It’s a little bit of a cop-out for Andrew Wilson to blame Luke, it’s a little like couples blaming children for a divorce. When asked if the divorce is the children’s fault in The Royal Tenenbaums, Gene Hackman replies, “Obviously, we made certain sacrifices as a result of having children, but, uh... no, lord, no.”

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