Women Will Pant For Men Who Can Fold, Authors Say

Women Will Pant For Men Who Can Fold, Authors Say


From The Baltimore Son By Susan Reimer

What do women want? Man's eternal question. What turns women on? Another good question, but one not asked in polite company.

The Cambridge Women's Pornography Cooperative, a loose, anonymous, affiliation of professional women, thinks it has the answer to both questions: half-naked men, vacuuming.

The group has produced a cute, pink picture book of very attractive men doing household chores and being considerate and saying metro-sexual things, such as, "Just because I'm married doesn't mean I shouldn't take care of myself." (The guy is clipping his nose hairs.)

The book is called Porn for Women, and it is available online for $12.95, although you can't imagine the stuff that comes up when you Google the title.

"What really turns women on? We, at the Cambridge Women's Pornography Cooperative, have dedicated our careers to answering this very question," reads the introduction.

Readers are then invited to enter a fantasy world "where clothes get folded just so, delicious dinners await us at home, and flatulence is just not that funny."

Tango’s Take While we have not gotten an advance copy of the book (c’mon we’re relationship experts, authors), we understand it to be largely tongue-in-cheek. It looks like this book amounts to a jeer to 1950’s “housewife” mentality. In fact, it looks like the book is one part Desperate Housewives, one part lad magazine and one part How To Be The Perfect Housewife. Way to take on a difficult, relevant opponent! Next time, how about a book of fire fighters in banana hammocks painting toenails? It can be called Porn For Women II: Public Service!

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