Michelle Rodriguez Has Not Been 'Outed'

Michelle Rodriguez Has Not Been 'Outed'


From People

By Pete Norman

Michelle Rodriguez is speaking out about being pictured on the cover of lesbian magazine Curve.

In a message on her Web site, the 28-year-old actress writes: "As far as rumors go of me coming out, I guess Curve magazine took it upon themselves to out me on the premise of their own suspicions.

"Whatever, I'm not insulted, I have a big lesbian following, and for whatever reasons they show me love. I'm never going to shun, disrespect or neglect anybody who shows me genuine non-psychotic love."

However, she makes it clear that she's upset. "I will say this: To put words in someone's mouth and place people in categories affects them for sure, especially in this business," she writes. "I don't know what the intent behind the Curve magazine cover was. I wasn't informed of it, I had no idea they were planning on using my image to sell magazines."

Tango’s Take
Outing celebrities (or anyone else) is big news and can sell magazines, but it does not pay to be wrong. The article Curve wrote did not actually out Michelle Rodriquez, but the cover may have given that impression to a casual observer. Michelle Rodriguez is undoubtedly very popular in the lesbian community. It could be because she's tough, it could be because she's cute or it could be a combination of the two—there are a few homosexual icons that are actually straight (David Beckham, for one).
And while the world is becoming more gay-friendly, accusations of closeted homosexuality are still fairly weighted. See the Dish from May 2nd about John Browne's career ending over a surreptitious homosexual affair.
Perez Hilton has weighed in every chance that he gets on Michelle Rodriguez's sexual preference. But, until she comes out or someone finds compromising video of her and another women, we'll just take her word for it.

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