Couples Put Elaborate Spin On First Dance

From The Wall Street Journal
By Jennifer Saranow

Michael Jackson's career may be hanging by a thread but his 1983 hit Thriller is enjoying a revival among some unlikely fans. Newlyweds Jimmy and Jocelyn Tsai performed a faithful rendition of the dance moves from the video, with all 10 members of their wedding party joining in as dancing zombies. Weddings long have been a competitive sport, but in the latest effort to stand out (and to get their wedding videos noticed on YouTube), some couples are putting a new spin on the staid tradition of the first dance. No longer satisfied with an old-school waltz or even a zesty tango, some couples are taking as many as 50 dance lessons to develop over-the-top routines that become the focal point of the reception. Wedding attendants are being dragged in as supporting-cast members and forced to attend multiple dance rehearsals to learn their parts. At their February nuptials, Tommy and Heidi Weclew of Orlando, Fla., walked to opposite sides of the dance floor and stood back to back as a DJ switched on disco lights and triggered a fog machine. The couple began a theatrical routine they'd been honing for weeks -- performing lifts and turns and pantomiming the sometimes vulgar lyrics of a ballad from the movie Old School. For a finale, the groom did the funky robot.

Tango’s Take This is the best trend ever. It could be hard—at first any way—to tell if the bride and groom were taking their dance performance seriously. With choreographed moves and an all-business game faces would it be appropriate to laugh or applaud? It really doesn’t matter. In fact, we may have to shut down the Daily Dish as there’s no relationship news out there that could trump this. We’re hoping to see a nice YouTube video of someone re-enacting the dance scene from Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion, the school dance from Footloose or the end of Dirty Dancing. NOBODY PUTS BABY IN A CORNER! An adversarial dance-off would be exciting too.

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