Swiss Department Store Turns Dating Agency

Swiss Department Store Turns Dating Agency


From 24 Heures

Migros, the Swiss department store chain, is turning into a dating agency to promote underwear from its summer collection. The chain has recruited 26 single men and women looking for dates to pose wearing bras, panties and other lingerie for television commercials.

Migros commissioned a Zurich advertising agency to organize the casting. Close to 700 candidates aged 18 to 40 sent in applications, but only 26 were short-listed. The successful models come from a variety of social backgrounds and from across Switzerland. Singles from French-speaking Switzerland are well represented. While wearing Migros underwear, the unattached men and women hope to be able to catch the attention of prospective mates. Those interested in dating the models can contact them via the website
Tango’s Take Just to clarify, 24 Heures translates to “24 Hours” in French. The Swiss speak French, German and English. The ending ‘ch’ on a Swiss website refers to Switzerland’s official name, Confoederatio Helvetica. All Swiss citizens are required to serve the country at some point in their youth. The Swiss are traditionally neutral in times of war though the official troops of the Vatican are known as the Swiss Guard. Switzerland is also known for its ask-no-questions approach to banking and it delicious chocolate. Thus ends the civic lesson. Dating service meets underwear photo shoot? There’s no question that this is a good idea—almost as good as the dating site that has a hotness prerequisite (see Dish from March 22nd). This is obviously a great promotion. It could launch modeling careers for a few good-lookers while drumming up great traffic for Migros. Perhaps American Apparel should look into a similar initiative with their nubile modeling brigade.

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