Bradley Cooper And Jennifer Esposito Getting A Divorce

Bradley Cooper And Jennifer Esposito Getting A Divorce

 From TMZ

TMZ has learned that actress Jennifer Esposito has filed for divorce from her husband of four months, Bradley Cooper. The documents, filed Tuesday in Los Angeles County Superior Court, cite irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split.

The two dated a little over a year before getting engaged in October of 2006, and tied the knot December 21.

Esposito is best known for her roles on TV's "Spin City" and in the film "Crash." Cooper starred in the mega-hit "Wedding Crashers" and "Alias."
Tango’s Take Well, they stuck it out four months. We can’t say that they didn’t try. You have to wonder how similar in personality some actors are to roles that they excel in. For instance, most of Jennifer Esposito’s characters are fiery and come out swinging when backed into a corner. Bradley Cooper’s two most famous roles are diametric opposites. His character on Alias was kind-hearted and mild-mannered, while his character in Wedding Crashers is one of the all-time great douchebags of comedy. So our guess is that Esposito couldn’t handle his bi-polarity and finally snapped and he pretended not to care driving her even crazier. That or things were unraveling before they became engaged and got married as a last ditch effort to save a crumbling relationship built on mutual respect and honest. Six of one, half a dozen of the other.

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