Diabetes May Be Damaging Men’s Sperm: Study

Diabetes May Be Damaging Men’s Sperm: Study


From Reuters CHICAGO (Reuters) - Diabetes may be damaging men's sperm, which could affect their fertility, British researchers said on Wednesday.

In one of the first studies to compare DNA in sperm from diabetic and non-diabetic men, the researchers found more DNA damage in sperm cells of men with diabetes -- a possible sign of reduced fertility.

Researchers at Queen's University in Belfast, Northern Ireland, studied sperm from 27 men with type-1 diabetes, with an average age of 34, and 29 non-diabetic men of similar age.

They found that while semen volume was lower in diabetic men, all other measures including sperm concentration, output, form, structure and ability to move appeared normal.

But when they looked at the DNA, they found much more damage in the sperm of diabetic men.

Tango’s Take More bad news about Diabetes. Not only is the life of a diabetic man typically severely shortened, but now this. So on top of the insulin shots, the diabetic restraints, the alcohol prohibition and the chance of losing a foot, it is more difficult to sire children. Judging by the study, it could be far more difficult. Type 1 Diabetes, so called Juvenile Diabetes, has no apparent cause, though it is thought to be hereditary. So, all you can do is stay active, eat well, and try to stave off Type 2 (the lifestyle Diabetes). This has been your serious downer of the day.

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