Ring Saves Woman’s Life

Ring Saves Woman’s Life


From The Herald Sun

Ring saves woman's life

A PREGNANT woman's wedding ring saved her life when it deflected a bullet that would have hit her in the head during a robbery in Brazil.

The woman, 32, was working in a pharmacy on Thursday in Monte Alegre in the north-eastern state of Sergipe when an armed man shot her at close range, media reports said, citing police.

She instinctively raised her hands to protect her face and head and fainted.

Police said an investigation later found that the bullet had bounced off her wedding band and saved her life.

Tango’s Take Sometimes Superman saves your life, sometimes a dog saves your life, sometimes a DJ  saves your life, and sometimes a wedding ring comes in pretty handy. This story is a touch outside of the standard Tango spectrum. But this brings up a good point. Sometimes people take off their ring because they’re going through a bad neighborhood and sometimes people who work with their hands take off their ring to prevent it from getting caught in machinery and maiming them for life. And sometimes people take it off for more duplicitous reasons. Our advice is to leave it on whenever it will not be the imminent cause of death or maiming. This advice just may save your life.

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