Courtney Love Set To Auction Kurt Cobain’s Belongings

Courtney Love Set To Auction Kurt Cobain’s Belongings

 From AZCentral.com

Courtney Love has three wealthy buyers interested in purchasing her late husband Kurt Cobain's belongings.

The widow of the Nirvana rocker revealed this week she is planning to sell off his possessions so she can move on with her life, and has already been flooded with offers.

Courtney wrote on her blog, "I've been approached by several private collectors - and I'd prefer that to a whole kerfuffle of an auction and scattering to the four winds his very few guitars and sweaters.

"Most will go to charity since the money isn't what I'm that interested in, but it's really an exchange of energy.

"Obviously we'll keep more than enough of his stuff - his monkey collection - things that mattered to him for Franny and her family."

Tango’s Take Let the healing process begin. So, clearly, Courtney Love’s aberrant behavior over the past 13 years was a form of grieving. It all makes sense now. She has to have closets and closets of flannel shirts, baggy sweaters and ripped jeans. Had she move a little more quickly, some crazy Nirvana fans would have paid top dollar for that stuff. That may have been a little heartless, though. Judging by her intense negotiations with Dave Grohl over the rights to Nirvana’s music, she likely has it in her to be somewhat cold.
This brings up a fairly common issue. What do you do with the belongings of your dearly departed? Sure, there are a few mementos that family will likely take. But what do you do with the rest? What is the right timing on an auction? Is it unethical to keep the profits from said auction or should they go to the deceased’s favorite charity?

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