Fall Out Boy’s New Bar

Fall Out Boy’s New Bar


From Monsters and Critics

Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz has opened a New York bar where people can have sex in the toilets.

The singer - who is currently dating Ashlee Simpson - has launched Angels and Kings in the East village with friends Gym Class Heroes lead singer Travis McCoy and Yellow Fever clothing designer Jamison Ernest which he wants to be "a dive for losers".

Wentz said: "It will be a bit of a dive, which we need. We finally have a place where all our loser friends can hang out!”
Tango’s Take Finally, a dive bar in Manhattan’s East Village for hipsters to hang out and feel superior. How was this bar not named Ennui? One of the bar’s owners mentioned that they want this bar to be the kind of place that people can fool around in the lavatory. This is likely to draw the attention of both the Department of Health and cheerleaders from the Carolina Panthers. And furthermore, can it really be a 'dive bar' if it is intentionally a 'dive bar'?

In other Pete Wentz news, he’ll be on MTV’s Total Request Live today (May 1st) with girlfriend Ashlee Simpson. So the lovelorn tweens that like to hit the Dish’s message board will be out in numbers today. We’re still hoping that this success won’t make Fall Out Boy’s music any peppier. Where would we be without their angstploitative, sad bastard music?

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