Could A Change Of Diet Improve Your Lovelife?

Could A Change Of Diet Improve Your Lovelife?


From The Daily Mail By Mandy Francis

As many as 40 per cent of women in the UK are said to suffer from flagging libido at any one time.

Female sexual dysfunction can wreak havoc in even the most loving relationships. It is an extremely complex problem with a variety of possible causes, including illness, the menopause, weight gain, poor nutrition, stress and psychological factors.

For drugs companies, the condition represents a real goldmine - there are at least 25 new forms of treatment under development. With worldwide sales of impotence drugs such as Viagra worth £1.3 billion alone, it's a profitable industry.

Two of the treatments likely to be available in the next few years are PT-141, a nasal spray containing a hormone that affects parts of the brain involved with appetite and sex drive, and SD500, a cream containing nitroglycerine which relaxes blood vessels and increases blood flow.

But will women have access to such treatments when they do reach the market?

When Intrinsa, the libido-boosting testosterone patch for women, was launched earlier this year, many women were disappointed to discover that it is, for the time-being at least, available only on prescription for a specific group of women - those who have had an early menopause because of surgery.
Tango’s Take With the influx of Viagra, Cialis and other ‘herbal’ remedies, it is high time that the ladies get a little pill, patch, cream and nasal spray to boost desire. In yesterday’s dish (April 30th), we mentioned that there is also experimentation being performed on shrews and monkeys for a pill that increases women’s desire and curbs appetite. Win-win? Sure. But there are other solutions rather than medication (except in certain cases involving other medical emergencies and maladies). Exercise and a proper diet can work wonders for libido. So can re-introducing romantic elements. Before we make the leap to pharmaceuticals let’s exhaust some of the other solutions. Tinkering with hormones is not always a great idea. And let’s not forget the guys, maybe hitting the gym a few days a week and cutting down on the cheese burgers for a few months is a good idea before purchasing asking your doctor about Cialis.

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