Pill Purportedly Increases Female Libido AND Reduces Appetite

From The Daily Telegraph
By Sam Greenhill

It could be the answer to many women's prayers - not to mention men's.

A wonder pill has been developed which not only boosts a female's sex drive, but helps her lose weight at the same time.

So far it has been tested only on shrews and monkeys, but scientists believe humans could be taking it within a decade.

Professor Robert Millar discovered the double benefit while developing a hormone to treat loss of libido, a problem which affects millions of women.

During tests on animals, he found that as well as displaying a greater keenness for sex, they also seemed less interested in food.

Tango’s Take

If human beings have similar sexual habits to shrews and monkeys, then we’ll be sniffing each other’s keisters in no time. If this drug does work as both an appetite suppressant and libido booster in human beings, then it could revolutionize the industry for libido-enhancing pharmaceuticals. This could easily be bigger than Viagra. Women largely control the sex supply, so increasing female desire and desirability vis-à-vis weight loss will have the net effect of increasing male desire (and desirability). This would be a really a big win (if and when it’s approved) for middle-aged couples. So if we keep ourselves medicated, we could be bumping uglies well in to our nineties. Better living through chemicals. Gross.

The last time we came across a similar discovery the medication was pure, Columbian snow. So, we're going to hold our judgment until there is a little more evidence.

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