Rod Stewart is getting married in a week and a half and other celebrity odds and ends.


- Do yah think I’m sexy? Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster set to marry next weekend (June 16th). They were set to marry awhile back but Penny became pregnant with the couple’s first child, Alastair (18 months old). We’re just happy that Sir Rod is getting married again. We also think it’s great that though his best song is about hooking up with an older broad (Maggie Mae, you minx), he is not averse to dating (marrying) much younger women.

- Oh what a feeling, we’re dancing on the ceiling. Word on the street is Nicole Richie is pregnant and is actually showing a little bump. If she was showing, it shouldn’t be hard to pick out with her lithe figure. This gives slightly greater credence to the engagement to Joel Madden (of Good Charlotte) rumor. Hopefully, the eVites to her baby (and wedding) showers will be as hilarious as her party invites (click here for more on the party invite). The timing isn’t great, though. She may be set to join her Simple Life co-star (Paris Hilton) in jail on a DUI charge.

- Gisele Bundchen claims no one is a virgin when they get married. She also advocates the compulsory use of prophylactics. And thinks that abortion is a woman’s choice. Sure, these stances fly in the face of the Catholic church’s position on birth control and abortion. But it doesn’t help that Gisele is idolized by young Brazilian women. And that Brazil has the world’s largest Catholic population. And Gisele is dating Tom Brady, quarterback of the New England Patriots. And Brady is a huge hero in the Boston area. And Boston is basically the seat of American Catholicism. So, this could be the downfall of the Roman Catholic Church in the western hemisphere. Also, Gisele dismisses ‘pregnant by Tom Brady’ rumors.

- And finally, in the forthcoming issue of Marie Claire, Angelina Jolie says, "I think we both went on a lot of faith—we really did.” This is in reference to the gamble that she and Brad Pitt took in deciding to pursue their relationship that spawned on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith. She goes on to mention that their roll-of-the-dice has paid off. No comment yet from Brad Pitt on the subject. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, he’s in over his head and we don’t think that they took into account the fate of Western Civilization if their relationship is to fail.

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