Minnesota, where I live, made national news this past week. Unfortunately. I’m sure you heard about the bridge collapsing into the Mississippi River. What an unbelievable sight. How could this happen? In Minnesota? To us?

Yes. No matter that there are millions living in and around Minneapolis, it seems that everyone knew someone on that bridge that day. A co-worker passed over it a half hour before; and old friend and his daughter passed over it 5 minutes before, another co-worker’s relative was about 30 seconds from the bridge when it collapsed. In fact, earlier that afternoon, I passed over that bridge twice. I am profoundly thankful that no one I know and love was on that bridge when it fell. My heart goes out to those that were. And their families.

When I heard I was with my kids. Both safe. I immediately called Steve, even though I knew he was miles away from Minneapolis. Still. I needed to make contact. He was safe. I knew it but needed to hear it.

Do you do this? Learn of some horrific event and immediately feel the overwhelming need to reach out to make contact with kids and spouse? Are you safe? Are we all O.K.?

And more importantly to say: I love you. IloveyouIloveyouIloveyou!

Said with a vehemence intensely felt: no run-of-the-mill-every-day-I-love-you, this. Nothing else matters in that moment: We still have each other. We hold on a little tighter, don’t we? We see our love with crystal clarity.

This evening, take a step back. Try to grab onto some of that clarity without the tragedy. See through the problems of the day or week or year; see your way clear of all of the garbage. Straight to the love. Vehemently.

Take Care.

This concludes another view from my married life.