Pick a Peck

A few months ago, in one of my blogs, I dissed the peck. I really didn’t mean to; I was just trying to make a point.  The point being that if your only form of kissing is the peck, then you are missing out.  In the blog, I encouraged bringing making- out back into your marriage (see:  Kissing Advisory).

Anyway, I do love to peck.  Steve and I peck a lot.  Every morning I peck Steve somewhere on his body (usually his shoulder – he’s sleeping when I leave), when I get home from work we peck, as do we when he leaves for work, and when we finally turn off the light to sleep (if he’s home).  We peck in public and in private.  Day and night.  We peck each other and others.  We peck on the cheek and on the lips.

Get the point?  I am here to say, continue pecking.  It’s a great way to greet those we love.


I had a thought yesterday.

It was our seventh anniversary.  Steve worked all day, but we were able to meet at a friend’s house for about an hour and a half late in the afternoon.  When he showed up, I leaned over and we pecked.  But it wasn’t just any peck.  We looked at each other, smiled, said “Happy Anniversary”, pecked with soft lips, lingered a bit, looked at each other again, and then, after all that, went back to the conversation with our friends.

That’s when I had my thought.  (So I guess I really didn’t join back in the conversation, because I was thinking, not listening.)  I thought, it sure is nice to peck like that.  And really, Steve and I often do peck like that – we take our time, making it a wee bit meaningful.  And I thought that, you know, it’s a little thing, but I really appreciate it.  It makes me happy; gives me a little bump.

In fact, it’s all sorts of things:  it can be evocative, maybe a promise of things to come, a little of “hey, I really love you”, and some playfulness.  All wrapped up into well, a…peck.  If I were to pick a peck, this is what I would always choose (You know that was screaming to be written! sorry).  Of course, Steve and I won’t and don’t always do this (like when he is sleeping in the morning) but it sure is great when we do.

It separates our peck from that which we share with others.  I peck people other than Steve on the lips and so does he, so it’s maybe important to have some distinguishing characteristics of our peck.  Don’t you think?

If you are intrigued by this idea, and want to try out the meaningful peck, here are some ideas (practice is very important – so grab your spouse and start trying it out):

1. Look each other in the eye before making lip contact
2. Smile at each other or
3. Give a deep significant look or
4. Give a smoldering look or
5. Give a playful look and/or
6. Whisper something sexy
7. Make lip contact
8. IMPORTANT:  your lips should be soft
9. Linger (but no tongue – if you do, it moves out of the peck category)
10. Disengage slowly
11. Look into each other’s eyes again
12. Give one of the looks mentioned above or
13. Give a look of satisfaction
14. Whisper something intimate or
15. Say something appropriate out loud (like “love you” of course)
16. Smile

This should take only 5 seconds tops, but boy oh boy, it really can pack a punch.  It really can be another form of your married “secret language”; to have your own “special peck”.

Steve and I got to see each other for another half-hour or so on our anniversary before lights out.  Enough time for us to give one another a good full body scratch down (7 years remember) and a very meaningful peck good night.

This concludes another view from my married life.