You are Splendid

On Sunday I went on a Mother’s Day outing with my two sisters and mother to hear Dr. Maya Angelou speak.  Wow.  What a woman.  Her life, her writing, her power, her voice, her humor, her heart, her wisdom – incredible.  I strongly urge you to read I Know Why the Caged Birds Sing, the first in her autobiographical series.  It is one of my all time favorite books.

To listen to Dr. Angelou’s inspiring messages is a blessing.   She has such a gift to cut to the heart of the matter.  She shines a light on how to live your life with gratitude, how to find the “rainbows in the clouds”, and how to give.

Listen to this:  She reminded us to tell our loved ones how special they are.  Daily, all the time, in all sorts of ways.  Simple?  Yes.  We all know this?  Sure.  Need to be reminded?  Absolutely.

So, I’m passing on the reminder today.

Tell your spouse (and kids and friends and sisters and co-workers and and and) how they are “just right”; in fact Dr. Angelou said, let them know that they are the best.  “You are splendid.”  Say it out loud (just saying it to the air brings a smile to my face).

In the morning, say it.  Call home from work and say it.  Send an email and say it.  Walk in the door and say it with a kiss.  Before you close your eyes at night say it.

“You are so good at that.”  “It’s just like you to be so thoughtful.”  “You are so handsome.”  “You smell wonderful.”  “I really like your smile.”  “I love hearing you sing in the shower.”  “You are such a wonderful cook.”  There is no end.

Listen to this:  As Dr. Angelou said, call a person a dog and don’t you be surprised if they act like one.  If you tell them they are splendid, they will want to live up to it.

Short and simple, isn’t it?  I’m grateful that she reminded me.

Please, pass it on