Woman Busted For Sneaking Into Prison For Sex

Woman Busted For Sneaking Into Prison For Sex

 From Associated Press
(AP) BALTIMORE A woman pleaded guilty to using a false ID badge to enter a corrections facility while posing as an attorney so she could have sex with an inmate, state prosecutors said.

Tiffany Weaver, 29, entered the plea Wednesday. She was charged with identity theft and use of false government identification after entering the Maryland Reception Diagnostic and Classification Center in November to meet with inmate Jason Moody. Moody is serving a 30-year sentence for manslaughter.

Weaver arrived at the center with a Maryland State Bar Association Security Identification Pass with a photo and a business card with attorney Amanda Sprehn's name.
Tango’s Take What happened to conjugal visits? Is this not America? Granted that part of the charm of prison is being denied liberty and fringe benefits, like sex. It is a testament to their love that she pulled this caper. She broke into jail to get with her guy (who will be away for a loooong time). This really could be an episode of Prison Break. She may want to think about finding someone on the outside at some point, because she is going to run out of disguises eventually.

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