Collegians Lament Lack Of Romance

Collegians Lament Lack Of Romance


From SMU Daily Campus By Trish Ireland

It's the night of a formal for SMU sorority Kappa Alpha Theta and that means one thing: a full blown, no cutting-the-corners date-or so 10 girls think. They forfeited some traditional date protocol and made the affair very simple for the guys: Girls invited them and even paid for dinner.

In a Rosedale Street apartment before the formal, the sorority sisters, with blow-dried hair and smoky eyes, decked out in black dresses, chat with boys, some wearing sports coats, others in shorts. The girls treated their invited dates to champagne and a pasta feast from the Italian restaurant, Buca di Beppo. The night was promising.

Unfortunately, the majority of the couples never made it to the party. By 1 a.m., one-third of the guys are too drunk to function, half of the couples don't attend the formal and instead go to their dates' fraternity party at a nearby bar, and one girl gets ditched by her date without even a goodbye.

"He organized a different party, so I figured he had better things to do," said Abby Mahoney, Kappa Alpha Theta president.

Where has the romance gone? According to a report from the Institute for American Values in 2000, only 50 percent of female college seniors have been on at least six dinner dates during their four years at school. Yet 95 percent of Americans age 18-24 have had premarital sex, causing an increase in sexually transmitted diseases.

Tango’s Take It is true, college kids don’t date any more, they just hook-up. And, apparently, this wanton sexuality is not appreciated by everyone. It’s fairly incredible that only 50% of college students will go on 6 dinner dates in their four-year college career. The rationale for the hook-up relationship can be broken down thusly: everyone is after the same thing, so let’s save some energy and cut to the chase; and grown-up dates are weird and uncomfortable. It’s like a job interview, bro, and the whole awkwardness can be avoided by hooking up first then going on a date. And at that point, why even go on the date?
The ‘expert’ in this article blames the hook-up culture on technology, male laziness and disrespect and alcohol. She could be onto something with the technology. The point of technology is to be able to do things with less effort and if texting gets you a little bit of nookie faster than carrier pigeon, then there you go. As far as blaming the guys go, we at Tango have a saying around the office: it takes less than three and more than one to boogie, maybe the ladies have a touch of culpability, too. The ‘expert’s’ daughter also attends SMU and gets a mention, awkward.

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