Restrictions in Place at EU Dating Agency

Restrictions in Place at EU Dating Agency


From UPI

BRUSSELS (UPI) -- A dating agency in Brussels is now restricted to only officials of the European Union and their guests.

London's Sunday Telegraph reported on Eurosingles, which has set the restrictions because of growing concern that wealthy members were being targeted by ordinary citizens who, in the end, were in it for money.

The Telegraph reported that both male and female members of the agency asked for the restrictions.

Tango’s Take Powerful members of the Union are threatening not to ratify new sections of the EU charter and the British are still using the pound rather than the euro. And now there’s an exclusive EU dating organization? This is like an after school special where the hot girl (in this case the Belgians) will only date the guy who smokes pot or the jock who is failing algebra. Maybe this will entice the Turks and Bulgarians to get their acts together so their ministers can date super hot EU-bureaucrats too.

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