Scary Spice Names Baby After Eddie Murphy

Scary Spice Names Baby After Eddie Murphy

 From Us Weekly

Former Spice Girl, Melanie Brown has confirmed that she will call her youngest daughter Angel Iris Murphy Brown, in part named after alleged baby daddy Eddie Murphy.

According to Mel B (aka Scary Spice) her child's name “was inspired by a number of things.”

Brown, 31, said she chose to call the infant “Angel, as she was my little angel through my pregnancy. Iris, as it’s my grandma's name, Murphy because he’s the dad and Brown, because I’m the mum!"

Tango’s Take Either Mel B is Crazy Spice or Eddie Murphy is the Nutty Progenitor. Michael Jackson said it best: Scary Spice “is not my lover. She’s just some girl who thinks that I am the one. But the kid is not mine, son.” A blood test will prove the identity of Angel Iris Murphy Brown (Candace Bergen’s) father. We have a feeling that irrespective of the outcome of the paternity test, this thing is far from over. In related news, Chris Rock has been hit with a re-filed paternity test in New York. It is alleged that he has a 13-year-old son. The mother of this child fled when Rock agreed to a paternity test 10 years ago. The bigger question is: why are women so anxious to bear the children of two of American’s greatest comedians?