Judge And Prosecutor Face Discipline After Heated Affair

From Associated Press

CASTLE ROCK, Colo. --A judge and a prosecutor face disciplinary hearings after admitting to having sex in the judge's chambers and being together in shower facilities at the Douglas County courthouse.

Grafton M. Biddle, 57, resigned his position on Dec. 18 after rumors began circulating that he was having a romantic relationship with Laurie A. Steinman, 29, the Rocky Mountain News reported in its online edition Monday. Steinman was fired on Dec. 22, the paper reported.

Tango’s Take
Note to self: request a jury trial if ever in legal trouble in Castle Rock, Colorado. Sure, romance happens in the workplace, but a judge and a prosecutor? It’s like an umpire calling balls and strikes for his kid’s team. It’s impossible to be objective. The criminal justice system has enough problems of its own. Let’s hope that the next scandal doesn’t involve a public defender and the chief of police—our faith in law and order is challenged enough as it is.

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