About Tom Miller

About Tom Miller

Tom Miller is the author of the Daily Dish. The opinions of the Daily Dish are generally his and his alone. He has a “wikipedic” knowledge of pop culture, history, science, and pop psychology. His background in engineering and banking, along with his minimum of grownup romantic experience, help him bring a unique perspective to the topic of love and relationships. His favorite films include Lawrence Of Arabia, Caddyshack, Fletch, and Wedding Crashers. His favorite books are Shogun, Still Life With Woodpecker, and East Of Eden. And his favorite TV shows are The Office, Heroes, The Simpsons, and 30 Rock. He would one day like to write for Saturday Night Live.

Sorry ladies, this handsome devil is off the market. He and his special lady enjoy crossword puzzles, movies, Andy Samberg, and yelling at the TV during college football.

He also lettered in track in high school and got cut from his college baseball team, thanks for bringing it up.

He’s learned two primary things while researching for the Dish:
1) Most news concerning husbands, wives, boyfriends, or girlfriends involves violence.
2) All people would be a little embarrassed if what they did in private became public.