Michael Buble Sort Of Proposes To Emily Blunt On The Radio

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Michael Buble Sort Of Proposes To Emily Blunt On The Radio


From Starpulse.com

Canadian crooner Michael Buble proposed to his movie star girlfriend Emily Blunt during a radio show recently- or so it would seem. Buble made the unexpected public proposal to the Devil Wears Prada star Blunt live on air.

The 31-year-old said on the show, "I really feel like, you know, I'm going to marry her… I want to be the dad of her kids. I haven't proposed to her yet. But I will do that. In a way I'm sort of proposing to her through this interview."

Tango’s Take Shoo-bee-doo-bee-doo. Michael Buble (pronounced ‘boo-blay’) is seriously dating Emily Blunt (no relation to James Blunt). This goes back to our theory that women love crooners; see Harry Connick Jr and any member of the Rat Pack except Joey Bishop. Not only does the crooner exude sexiness, with the exception of Sinatra, but have a certain lounge-singer friendliness about them.
What’s the deal with the on-radio non-proposal proposal? Is this the equivalent of having “I would like to marry you, one day” displayed on the jumbotron at a Pittsburgh Steelers game? Granted most proposals are not surprises, but still let’s keep some mystery, Strangers In The Night.

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