Man Loses £16,000 In Internet Dating Scams

From IT Week
By Iain Thomson

A man has lost £16,000 in two internet dating scams after sending money overseas to girls who failed to turn up. David Hodgkinson, from Margate in Kent, advertised his profile on a variety of internet dating sites and was approached by a Russian woman called 'Natalia'. Hodgkinson sent the woman £10,000 so that she could obtain a visa and purchase a ticket to fly over and meet him in the UK. After being given a variety of arrival dates he went to Heathrow to meet her four times but she never arrived.

"I feel no ill in my heart. I did really love her," Hodgkinson told the BBC.

Tango’s Take
Is this guy a sucker, a die-hard romantic or both? The kicker is that this guy isn’t even mad, “C’est la vie, non?” £16,000 is about $32,000. That is a down payment on a house. If David Hodgkinson isn’t a wealthy man, then he is the kindest man that has ever lived. Hang in there buddy, you’ll find the one, one of these days. And in the mean time, we have a $100,000,000 fortune trapped in a Burmese bank. If you just give us $20,000 we can get it out of the country and we’ll split it with you.

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