Pill That Eliminates the Period Gets Mixed Reviews

Pill That Eliminates the Period Gets Mixed Reviews


From The New York Times By Stephanie Saul

For many women, a birth control pill that eliminates monthly menstruation might seem a welcome milestone.

But others view their periods as fundamental symbols of fertility and health, researchers have found. Rather than loathing their periods, women evidently carry on complex love-hate relationships with them.

This ambivalence is one reason that a decision expected next month by the Food and Drug Administration has engendered controversy. The agency is expected to approve the first contraceptive pill that is designed to eliminate periods as long as a woman takes it. Doctors say they know of no extra risk to the new regimen, but some women are uneasy about the idea.

Tango’s Take “Aunt Flow, you are no longer welcome in this house. Please pack your things and don’t let the door hit you on your way out.” Despite assurances by medical professionals, getting rid of ones menstrual cycle sounds dangerous. However, many may not know that the regular birth control pill regimen is designed to give a woman her period just by lowering the hormone therapy 7 days per 28-day cycle. A full regimen of the pill (without inactive pill days) would basically shut down the menstrual cycle. Which begs the questions: How would an astronomer on this new pill remember when there was a full moon?

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