In Israel, Woman Bites Off Boyfriend’s Tongue While Kissing

From Reuters

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - An Israeli woman accidentally bit off part of her boyfriend's tongue during a heated French kiss, an Israeli hospital that reattached the tongue said Thursday. Nahariya Hospital said in a statement the man, injured while "passionately kissing his girlfriend," was discharged after the operation and advised to sip iced drinks and "avoid wet kisses" until the stitched wound healed. Tango’s Take Once bitten, twice something. Angelina Jolie recently mentioned that she and her high school boyfriend would cut each other during and after sex to feel closer, we bet that she never BIT HIS TONGUE OFF. Most people are embarrassed if they get a little hickey. At least you can wear a scarf or ascot or pop your collar with a hickey. How do you explain that the tip of your tongue was inadvertently BITTEN OFF? How do you apologize for that? We’re imagining lots of TLC is in order or maybe a t-shirt that says, “my crazy girlfriend bit off my tongue and all I got was these lousy stitches.” Read More Of The Original Article…

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