Divorce Bill Wants Texans To Try To Work It Out

Divorce Bill Wants Texans To Try To Work It Out


From kxan.com

A state measure to crack down on divorce in Texas was sent back to committee for revision after a debate on the House floor Tuesday.

Rep. Warren Chisum's House Bill 2684 would require couples wait two years for a divorce to be finalized or give them the option to expedite the process after attending a 10-hour counseling session over a two-day period.

The divorce would take six months to finalize if the couple decided to proceed after counseling.

Tango’s Take The Texas House of Representatives is pulling out all the stops when it comes to saving marriages. First they introduce a $100 marriage surcharge for couples that do not participate in a pre-nuptial course (check out the Dish from April 12th) and now this. Two years can seem like a lifetime if you’re waiting for a divorce, but some couples may find it preferable to being in the same room with an estranged spouse for 10 hours. But a recent study suggested that college graduates’ marriages are lasting longer (check out the Dish from April 2nd), so Texas officials may want to consider funneling more money into higher education if they’re so intent on improving family relations.

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