Prince William Calls It Quits With Kate Middleton

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By Graham Brough, Vanessa Allen And Emily Miller

PRINCE William confirmed to stricken Kate Middleton that their romance was over in a dramatic mobile phone call.

Kate, 25, was hoping for a reconciliation even though she and Wills, 24, agreed at an Easter meeting their four-year affair was on the rocks.

A colleague who saw her take the call in a car park at her work in London, said: "It was clear it was William - and definitely a tiff."

Heartbroken Kate Middleton paced nervously around a car park as she learned her four-year romance with Prince William really was over.

The couple had decided they had no future together at a dramatic face to face meeting over the Easter holiday.

But Kate, 25, still hoped for a reconciliation. She discovered there was no going back when she spoke to Wills, 24, on Wednesday.

Tango’s Take

Relationships with the Windsor men are tough. The scrutiny, the expectations, the world’s most terrifying grandmother-in-law. Tango wonders: Was this doomed from the start? Can a marriage between nobles and commoners work? What would the equivalent be in the US? And would Disney ever do the princess-to-pauper plotline!? Wills (as the Brits evidently call him) and Kate attended a number of the same schools and have many mutual friends, so maybe the issue has less to do with class clashes and more to do with that sad-but-common fate: falling out of love. Oh well. At least he didn’t end it via SMS.
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