Texas Marriage Bill Gets Iffy 'I Do' From Lawmaker

Texas Marriage Bill Gets Iffy 'I Do' From Lawmaker


From The Houston Chronicle
By Polly Ross Hughes
AUSTIN — Lovebirds wishing to tie the knot would pay $100 for a marriage license under a bill the Texas House tentatively passed Wednesday, unless they took a prenuptial class on how to behave as a spouse.

Before the 78-63 vote, furor among Democrats and rebellious Republicans over the marriage fee hike prompted the bill's author to promise he'll merely double the current $30 fee before a final vote today. Applicants taking the classes would get free marriage licenses.

Even with final House approval, though, the bill faces an uncertain future in the Senate, where it must find a sponsor to get a floor debate.

Tango’s Take
Tango has long felt that it is too easy to get married. And the Texas legislature has driven a stake into the ground. Texans had better get into some premarital class or else. Or else they will have to pay $100. This had to give serious heartburn to the Texas Republicans. “Do we take a modest measure to strengthen marriage (and possibly violate some civil liberties here and there) or do we let ‘em keep their 100 bucks?” Well, pre-wedding relationship classes have never hurt anyone and an extra $100 will be a nice wedding gift from the Lone Star State. Let’s hope that they provide subsidies for these classes.

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