In India Hindus Outraged At Elizabeth Hurley

In India Hindus Outraged At Elizabeth Hurley

From Forbes By Ruth David

MUMBAI-British celebrity Elizabeth Hurley’s estranged in-laws aren’t the only ones unhappy with her big Indian wedding. A resident of the city where she was wed to businessman Arun Nayar last month has filed a court petition charging that the couple’s public displays of affection and drinking before the ceremony were an outrage to Hindu tradition that merit criminal charges.

Vishnu Khandelwal, a resident of Jodhpur in the northern state of Rajasthan, reportedly filed the case after seeing pictures of the lavish nuptials. Hurley sold her wedding pictures to Hello! magazine for $5 million, and the plaintiff’s attorney plans to use some of those photographs to prove his case against the couple.

Tango’s Take India is a country of many religions and many taboos. Part of getting married in an exotic locale is not thumbing one’s nose at custom and tradition. And wearing leather shoes to an at least nominally Hindu wedding (think Sacred Cow, gang) is a major stick in the eye to tradition. This has not been the only hullabaloo over the Nayar-Hurley wedding. They also constructed some things illegally on a beach somewhere and supposedly kissed during the wedding ceremony (not cool, we hear). So, maybe a little estrangement from her husband’s family and up to three years in jail will teach Elizabeth Hurley about respecting tradition. Forget it, they’ll probably just be able to buy their way out of this.