Meet Heba Kotb, Egypt’s Dr. Ruth of the Muslim World

Meet Heba Kotb, Egypt’s Dr. Ruth of the Muslim World

 From ABC News By Wilf Dinnick and Simon McGregor-Wood

From a modest suburb of Cairo, Egypt, Heba Kotb is starting a revolution.

Kotb is a devout Muslim who has one unique mission for the Arab world: have more sex.

"Wherever, however and whenever," Kotb said, "because having sex in the same place, with the same women, the same way, same steps — this drives you into the most widespread complaints."

Kotb, who is the first certified sex therapist in Egypt, deals with all sorts of topics in her private sex clinic for married couples. In her part of the world, discussing sex is taboo. It's not something talked about openly — especially by women.

Tango’s Take Kotb mentions that the Koran is the source of most of her teaching. The book that she most references is The Cow. The Cow’s subject matter is daily life for men and women including advice on sex life. The advice that she passes on from the Koran ranges from positions, to foreplay and female orgasms (where are you on that one, Old Testament?) Reportedly, Egypt’s divorce rate is 60% (lookin’ good US of A) and sexual dissatisfaction cited as a contributing factor. But to be fair, this number may be due to the Koran allowing a man to marry up to four women. Kotb received some of her education in America and was impressed by our lack of sexual repression. We wonder what will happen if she travels to Scandinavia. So, Ms. Kotb, keep up the good work, don’t cannibalize your source too much, why would they want to listen to your advice when they can get The Cow for free?

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