Study Suggests Apple Consumption During Pregnancy Reduces Risk For Childhood Wheezing And Asthma

From Medical News Today

Eating apples while pregnant may give new meaning to an apple a day keeping the doctor away. Compelling new research has concluded that mothers who eat apples during pregnancy may protect their children from developing asthma later in life. The study was published in Thorax online.

This unique longitudinal study tracked dietary intake by nearly 2000 pregnant women, then examined the effects of the maternal diet on airway development in more than 1200 of their children five years later. Among a wide variety of foods consumed and recorded by the pregnant women, the researchers concluded that the children of mothers who ate apples had a significantly reduced risk for the development of asthma and childhood wheezing.

This study focuses on medical evaluations for asthma and related symptoms (i.e., wheezing) when the children were five years old. As a result of the evaluations cited in this research, other than apples, there were no consistent associations found between prenatal consumption of a range of healthful foods and asthma in the 1253 children who were evaluated.

Tango’s Take
One more thing to worry about for pregnant women. Check out the Dish from April 5th for more on pregnancy dietary concerns. This news harkens back to the old wisdom that ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away.’ Avoiding asthma is great news for a kid, the inhaler is not a cool look for a youngster. With any luck, this will be the last thing that science finds out; pregnant women have enough concerns as it is.

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