Naomi Watts and Liew Schreiber To Get Hitched Quick-Like

Naomi Watts and Liew Schreiber To Get Hitched Quick-Like



Aussie actress Naomi Watts and her boyfriend Liev Schreiber, who are expecting their first child together, might be having a quickie wedding.

The Hollywood couple doesn’t want their unborn child to be illegitimate. At first these two wanted to wait until after the child was born to tie the knot but it seems like plans have changed.

Tango’s Take We have been keeping an eye out for a wedding announcement since mentioning their expectancy (it IS a word) in the February 21st Dish. Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts are a good pair (from the outside.) As both are in their late 30’s, and not really Hollywood establishment, this could really work. Our hope is that this whole thing isn’t part David Lynch’s next impossible to understand, three-hour, back-patting film.

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