Japanese Men Take Marriage Lessons

Japanese Men Take Marriage Lessons


From The British Broadcasting Corp By Chris Hogg

Here, a group of 10 men have gathered, to drink, to smoke, to eat and, most importantly, to learn how to save their marriages.

This is the Tokyo chapter of what might best be described as the 'National Chauvinistic Husbands Association'.

Its founder Shuichi Amano made the long journey up from the southern island of Kyushu for tonight's meeting.

He is a large self-confident man who sits, as befits his status, at the centre of the long table. This is a man comfortable with being the centre of attention.

They begin with a declaration of their three basic rules for love.

They chant in unison. Say thank you without hesitation. Say sorry without fear. Say I love you without being ashamed.
Tango’s Take Japanese society has traditionally been fanatically patriarchal. Despite its obsession with Hello Kitty. In the 60 years since the end of World War II, they have ‘westernized’ in industry, entertainment and dress. Now, it seems as though the once samurai-nature of keeping one’s feelings to one’s self, even in the most intimate relationships, may go the way of the, well, samurai. Of course, Japan has also changed its divorce laws significantly. Now property (including pensions) will be split down the middle between the dissenting couple. This could open up a huge industry in matrimony law and prenup counsel. To paraphrase Austin Powers, In Japan, women come second and sometimes get half your stuff.
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