Bobby Brown’s Aides Play Down Engagement Reports.

Bobby Brown’s Aides Play Down Engagement Reports.


Bobby Brown's aides are denying reports the R&B star is set to wed again - just a week after his divorce from Whitney Houston became final.

Reports suggest the My Prerogative singer is set to propose to girlfriend Alicia Etheridge, who is a former friend of his ex-wife.
Tango’s Take It’s widely believed that reinforcing bad behavior is not wise, but the Bobby Brown craziness meter could go off the charts if he’s single too long. Alicia Etheridge needs to take one for the team. On the other hand, the thought of a Bobby Brown bachelor party is a little scary. This could be his reality show reinvigoration.
In other marginal celebrity news:
- Christopher Cross is getting divorced. When reached for comment, his wife said “who?” Apparently he won five Grammies and wrote the song “Sailing”. We got him confused with Kris Kristopherson and were hoping that this would lead to a Highway Men reunion.
- Richard Gere apologized and claimed ignorance of his famous kiss in India. Too little, too late? Hopefully, the Indian people will have the same kind of compassion for Gere that Vishnu might. Otherwise, the Bollywood version of Shall We Dance is not going to get made and some other movie will have to get the title Challa We Dance.

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