Lecture Claims That Facebook Is Bad For Couples

Lecture Claims That Facebook Is Bad For Couples


From The Daily Collegian By Laura Smith

PITTSBURGH - Facebook.com is the death of college relationships. At least that's what a small group of students decided Monday night in the William Pitt Union at a lecture and discussion session presented by the University Counseling Center focused on maintaining healthy relationships.

The event was the second in a three-part lecture series designed to help students begin and maintain healthy relationships and, when necessary, end the ones that are not so healthy.

The students' qualms with Facebook arose when Jamie Bromley, a licensed social worker and one of the speakers for the evening, asked the group to share which things make maintaining relationships hard.

Attendees offered many traditional relationship difficulties, such as continuing communication, resisting sexual temptation and differing levels of commitment between the two partners. University of Pittsburgh student Phillip Gallagher even suggested that the key to maintaining a good relationship is "that she doesn't act up." But the challenges presented by Facebook soon became the focus of the discussion.

Tango’s Take The Dish mentioned in our Ides of March Post that more learning institutions are teaching life-style, specifically, relationship skills. This seemed like more of a seminar/roundtable, but encouraging the dialogue is key. Most of their complaints about Facebook are about the amount of information there. There is too much and not all of it true or in proper context. Plus, some of the stuff on Facebook (or the internet in general) may not be accurate; shocking, no?
Hope they don’t source their term papers from Wikipedia. Well, at least these issues are being talked about. Our advice? Avoid breaking up via MySpace posting.

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