Lawyers Way More Likely For Prenups

From The Houston Chronicle
By Mary Flood

When lawyers fall head over heels, love can be a many stipulated thing.

Attorneys are in the business of not trusting people. So when they write their own prenuptual agreements, the results can be unsavory.

How unsavory? How about less money for the spouse who gains weight.

A common lawyer trick? The disappearing prenup — you challenge it, you get nothing.

Some divorce attorneys say lawyers are no worse than any other not-very-star-crossed lovers trying to protect their worldly assets. Others have examples that show they can indeed be worse.

Top Houston family law expert Earle Lilly knows all too well how a legal mind can spoil affairs of the heart. While arguing about what he wanted in his own prenup, he managed to disenchant his fiancée and they called the whole thing off.

Tango’s Take
This sounds like the plot to the Clooney picture Intolerable Cruelty. The Massey Prenup is unbreakable! Could this reviled profession do anything else to feed its negative stereotype? Is there anything comparable to a lawyer putting together his/ her own prenup? Is this a little like a pyromaniac working as a fire fighter? Best of luck with your marriage, counselor. You have to wonder what purpose having someone sign something on camera does. Maybe it’s psychological.

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