NBC To Follow Heroes With Real Wedding Crashers

From The Washington Post
By Lisa de Moraes

You snubbed Aaron Sorkin's civics lesson masquerading as a late-night comedy show.

You ignored Paul Haggis's "Sopranos" wannabe masquerading as a drama about hot Irish mob brothers.

And now, you're going to get exactly what you deserve Mondays at 10 p.m.: an NBC reality series about fake wedding crashings.

"The Real Wedding Crashers," NBC says in its news release -- actually it screams it in all caps -- "is from THE STUDIO BEHIND THE SMASH COMEDY 'WEDDING CRASHERS,' " as well as "Punk'd" producers Ashton Kutcher and Jason Goldberg.

Tango’s Take
Punk’d meets Wedding Crashers? Fantastic. It’s pretty incredible that they were able to track down 10 couples that would be willing to go along with this. Most women would not ruin their ‘big day’ for anything. Everyone wants their 15 minutes, it looks like. Given that ‘reality TV’ is getting further and further from ‘reality’, we hope that the show’s writers get a hand in writing the couple’s vows: “I, Roger, take you, Tina, to be my big daddy. To protect you from any whack MCs. To use my strong pimp hand judiciously if you get out of line. And to rock you with my sweet lovin’ when you feel like getting sexed up.” You have to wonder how frequently the cast will go overboard and actually wreck the wedding.

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