Divorces Difficult In New York

From Associated Press

By Nahal Toosi

NEW YORK – Chana and Simon Taub can't stand each other.

He claims she is a gold-digging liar. She claims he abused her. Things got so nasty during their divorce case that a court-ordered wall was put up in the feuding spouses' Brooklyn house to keep them apart.

It would seem like an open-and-shut divorce case, with no shortage of reasons to justify ending the marriage once and for all. But it is never that easy in New York, where you can get just about anything except a fast, blameless divorce.

New York is the only state that won't allow the speedy dissolution of a marriage without proof that one spouse is somehow at fault, experts say. Adultery is sufficient grounds, but irreconcilable differences are not. “He beats me” (with proof) works, but “We grew apart” doesn't cut it.

Tango’s Take
I Heart (ed) (in) New York. No fault divorces are only acceptable in New York if both parties sign a division of property agreement AND live apart for a year. Talk about a cooling off period. You have to wonder if they get together for ex-sex, does the one-year countdown restart. If you work down the article, you will notice three things: 1) this couple really does not like each other; 2) they have been pursuing this divorce for 2 years; and 3) The most recent jury trial did not grant them a divorce. We’re not that jazzed about making people on the outs spend time with each other, but wasting tax-payer money is inexcusable.

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