Doubles Tennis Can Have The Same Drama And Intrigue As Any Relationship

From Sports Illustrated
By Lisa Raymond

Doubles anyone? The Sony Ericsson Open is in its second and final week in Key Biscayne, Fla., and the doubles draw is packed with top teams and big names. With doubles on the mind and given the name of this column, let's cut to the chase and talk doubles.

There are a few questions I am repeatedly asked when speaking about doubles, including, "How do you find a doubles partner?" or, "What makes a successful partnership in doubles?" These are great questions on any level, amateur or professional.

First and foremost let us get one thing straight -- doubles is a relationship! It's a business partnership that must also consist of chemistry. You want to gel and come together as one, all while trying to master the art of communication. Sound familiar?

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Tango’s Take
Sports metaphors for life are fantastic. How apropos is “honey, you cover the net and I’ll take the baseline” to any issue that couples might have? In this case, the net can be earning money and providing and the baseline could be cooking, cleaning and child-rearing (the three c’s). Another way in which doubles tennis is not like marriage is that the there is no stigma against same-sex partnerships, if anything mixed doubles makes people a little uncomfortable. It’s nice when someone has your back though, the tennis court, like life, can be a lonely place without a little companionship.