Text and the Single Girl: Do U want 2 get 2gether?

Text and the Single Girl: Do U want 2 get 2gether?

By Devon Haynie
Columbia News Service
NEW YORK -- As Heather Moore walked past a line of patrons sitting at a bar in New York City last October, she zeroed in on a cute guy sending a text message. In a moment of alcohol-induced bravado, she sauntered up to him. "Are you sending me a text message?" she asked coyly.

It was a pickup line she would soon regret.
The next day the guy, a 24-year-old real estate broker, sent Moore a text message. He sent her a text message the next day, too. And the next. The two saw each other on and off for five months. But that entire time he never phoned Moore once. When the two weren't together, every conversation -- whether it was back and forth for 20 minutes or stretched out for hours -- played out through text messaging.
"I learned everything about him through text," lamented Moore, a 26-year-old law student living on the Upper East Side. "Where he went to school, what he studied, where he studied abroad. We covered a lot, but it was pathetic."

Tango’s Take:
Ah, the text-based courtship. Not exactly the romantic Shakespearian mind meld of yore. And as technology hurtles ever forward, it seems the dating landscape, and resulting etiquette issues, is changing as quickly as Apple can up with its next sleek, white, life-changing invention.

We all know male-to-female communication can be fraught, even when you’re sitting across the same small table over a shared filet mignon. But this new language, with its blatant disregard for vowels, syntax and intent, can be downright confounding. Do we play dumb, 2007-style: Srry, not gting yr txts. Pls call? Try the electronic silent treatment? Or maybe turnabout is fair play. And by that we mean, consult someone far younger than you on how to handle these new-fangled affairs of the heart: Chances r, yr avg tween can help u.

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