New Patch To Boost Female Sex Drive

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New Patch To Boost Female Sex Drive


From Sky News

A patch which it is claimed can help women regain their sex drive is set to become available on the NHS.

It is the first treatment for women with low sex drive, but maker Procter and Gamble said it was not promoted as the female equivalent of Viagra.

Intrinsa will only be available on prescription for women who have had an early menopause because of surgery.

Doctors said there was no quick fix for low sex drive, and medical treatment was just one part of the therapy.

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Tango’s Take YAHTZEE! Very interesting. In our experience, it’s women who, typically have a lower sex drive. And, arguably, have a harder time reaching orgasms, yet this is the first treatment for low sex drive available to us. We applaud Procter & Gamble. In fact, if any product developers re listening, here’s a list of three more patches Tango magazine would like to see you create:
-The patch that gives men an insatiable urge to pick up his socks. And your dry cleaning.
-A patch that releases just enough testosterone to trick him into feeling like he’s watching Gladiator, or Super Bowl re-runs, when it’s really  When Harry Met Sally.
-The patch that makes men desire 22 uninterrupted minutes of foreplay, before the payoff, so to speak. Just like on your average sitcom.