Love Is In The Air For Winners Of A UK Radio Contest

From Reuters

LONDON (Reuters) - Love will literally be in the air for one lucky couple as a local English radio station offers a chance to join the mile high club over America.

Big L radio in the sleepy English coastal town of Frinton, some 60 miles northeast of London, is inviting couples for the next week to go on air and describe how they are growing old in a suitably disgraceful manner.

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Tango’s Take
This is the all-new mile high club: The Ralph Fiennes, members-only, canoodling in a private airplane type of tryst. The airline is even providing a double bed and champagne.

This eliminates negotiations like, “you go to the bathroom and I’ll go in two minutes”? But will the thrill be the same without the fear of being caught? And maybe beleaguered airlines like Jet Blue should consider adding it to their roster of in-air hospitality services. You ring the bell, sneak off the bathroom, and your mile-high martinis are waiting on your tray table when you get back. In plastic glasses, of course. We wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt.