More Like Snogwart’s. Ron Weasley Has A Girlfriend.

By Chris Taylor

Harry Potter star Rupert Grint is dating an older woman – who also happens to an ex-drug addict who used to date rocker Pete Doherty.

The 18-year-old actor hooked up with Katie Lewis, 23, after the NME Awards earlier this month, and have been enjoying a relationship despite their contrasting pasts.

A pal of Grint tells the Sunday Mirror, “He and Katie have been seeing each other for a few weeks and are both really keen. They share a love of music so as soon as they met they clicked. It's early days but they are very happy together."

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Tango’s Take
Well done, Ron Weasley, well done. It looks like Rupert Grint needed a few headlines of his own after co-star Daniel Radcliffe decided to bare all in the play Equus. Let’s just hope that he has silk boxers with the words ‘Magic’ stitched on them. Getting Pete Doherty’s hand-me-downs is pretty good work for young Master Grint. If our crystal ball is clear, Kate Moss could be available one of these days for him to swoop in on this broom stick and scoop up.
Note To Reader: Snog is English slang meaning to kiss.