Chile Rediscovers Native Remedies (And They’re Not Chilis)

From Reuters
By Carolina Aliaga

SANTIAGO (Reuters) - Chileans are rediscovering the ancient herbal remedies of the Mapuche indigenous tribe, including a sexual energizer touted as a natural Viagra and other inexpensive alternative medicines.

Chile's largest native ethnic group, the Mapuche, who live mainly in the Temuco area of southern Chile, have long used a wide variety of herbal remedies for everything from arthritis and acne to a lack of libido.

One of the most popular remedies, palwen, known as "Mapuche Viagra," was snatched up earlier this year by enthusiastic tourists attending a local song festival, who exhausted supplies of the aphrodisiac in the port town of Valparaiso.

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Tango’s Take
Chile must have read the Dish from March 20th and decided to get in on the herbal erection action. Maybe human beings are a little sick of waiting for science to solve our problems. In the last fifteen years we (Americans) have become increasingly interested in our mortality, it seems. The Boomer Generation is interested in living as long as possible and wringing out every possible drop of life. Things like chiropractic work, acupuncture and natural remedies are viewed with less skepticism than ever before. The theory is that if people have been doing something for thousands of years it can’t be that bad for you. So break out the leeches and the eye of newt/ tongue of frog and go for it.