Harvard Abstinence Group Fights Back Against Mindless Sex On Campus

By Jesse Harlan Alderman

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – Sometime between the founding of a student-run porn magazine and the day the campus health center advertised “Free Lube,” Harvard University seniors Sarah Kinsella and Justin Murray decided to fight back against what they see as too much mindless sex at the Ivy League school.

They founded a student group called True Love Revolution to promote abstinence on campus. The group, created earlier this school year, has more than 90 members on its Facebook.com page and drew about half that many to an ice cream social.

Harvard treats sex – or “hooking up” – so casually that “sometimes I wonder if sex is even a remotely serious thing,” said Kinsella, who is dating Murray.

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Tango’s Take
More from the Harvard kids. See our Dish on March 2nd for more on these nerds. Debauched behavior at our top-tier schools is as much of a tradition as legacy admissions and cushy job placements. Murray, the guy mentioned, says he “slipped up” and had sex earlier in college but has returned to celibacy. You have to wonder how the person that he “slipped up” with feels about this quote. Ideally the ice cream will be used to cool down the unquenched loin-fire of these undergrads. But we do wonder, will free spoons be provided at the ice cream social so as to curtail lascivious behaviors like licking?